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I was a teaching assistant and a lecturer of architecture at the IAU University in Iran from 2004 to 2011. Throughout my professional life in architecture, I have taken every opportunity to use a combination of academic insight and professional experience to take on challenging projects. Ever since my first year as an undergraduate student, I have strived to maintain a professional presence in the architecture community. I continuously took major responsibilities in professional architectural offices alongside my studies, and was responsible for designing many architectural projects. These experiences equipped me with essential skills, such as analytic thinking and problem solving.

As a part of my studies and experiences, I have gained a profound knowledge of “sustainability in relation to social space behavior and physical space” and the process-based design of an ideal dynamic architectural/urban design based on this principle. My experiences have enabled me to approach the subject from many different perspectives.

In 2003, I participated in a competition in Velux, Italy, where I presented a project exploring the possibility of using light to characterize social behavior.

In 2005, I participated in an international idea competition (Time in a City) in Moscow, where I received an incentive prize for my work in exposing the influence of the historical behavior of social spaces in a particular urban block. This work led to my Master's thesis in collaboration with Azadeh Alighanbari, titled “Urban Re-Vitalization”.

In 2008, as a part of our mutual thesis, we presented a dynamic alternative for physical spaces, while taking into account the constant effect of social behavior on their solid faces. Our thesis leads to the generation of adaptable urban structures which are semantically/formally bound to the social space. This work was published in the Information and knowledge Engineering (IKE 2008) Conference proceedings. The article can be found here. We defined a new challenge in Green Cultural Complex to experience dynamic structures using a different approach.

In 2009, we participated in the Dubai Tall emblem (Thyssen Crupp Award) international competition, where we designed an emblem and created an algorithm to show how the designed emblem should react to its environment including people.

In 2012, we implemented the algorithm in a MATLAB program to simulate a real time bond between the physical space behavior of a designated urban sidewalk and its associated social space behavior. This connection is based on a practical approach of systems theory and chaos theory. The result of this project was published in a paper in the Information and Knowledge Engineering (IKE 2012) Conference proceedings.

Currently, I am working on an interdisciplinary project  with the goal of using shock wave physics in constructing a model of urban and social behavior. This idea is motivated by the well-studied behavior of a shock wave travelling in a stratified density structure and the continuity of the fluid quantities across the shock discontinuity. This project is currently in its infancy.

"Time in a City" , 2005 , Moscow, Winner of Incentive Prize

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